The Data License and Agreement Manager is the component responsible for handling all processes related to the data licenses and IPR attributes, as well as enabling the drafting, signing, and enforcing the smart data contracts that correspond to data sharing agreements between platform users. This component is provisioned to handle the data exchange and data transformation between the Data Curation and Semantic Enrichment layer (Data staging), the  Automated Contract Negotiation and Monetization layer and the Access and Authorization Control Engine. 

This component’s scope is dual:

  1. It will formalize all aspects with which data assets can be shared, traded or otherwise handled to their acquisition. Such aspects include licenses, IPR, sensitivity, privacy concerns and even the integrity of the assets’ structure.
  2. It will allow the creation of machine-readable data assets. It will define the proper expression of licensing terms in machine-readable format, describing with details the interactions of stakeholders in the context of the data sharing scenarios, as well as documenting the platform’s expected behavior.