This week, on the 19th and 20th of January 2022, the 4th Plenary Meeting of TheFSM project was held virtually with great success. The discussions were intensified as the project undergoes its 3rd and final year of its lifespan.

There was a 2 full day event with over 30 participants representing all 11 partners of the consortium, each of which presented their insights and updates. This meeting was critical, as it ensured the alignment of TheFSM’s consortium and equipped the partners with knowledge and insights crucial to plan ahead.

The presentations covered key achievements, potential roadblocks and next steps in each work package. Emphasis was given to the piloting activities, apps’ development (FOODAKAI 2.0, Agrivi 2.0 and Food Inspector) which TheFSM platform will build upon and the legal frameworks in order to overpass potential legal bottlenecks.

In the end of the event, having completed the sharing of key highlights and information during the several and multidisciplinary sessions, the plan for the last year was developed and agreed, towards the maximization of the impact generated by the novel advancements of TheFSM such as TheFSM Data Marketplace.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the meeting and we are looking forward to the next steps.

Stay tuned for more…