We are excited to share that TheFSM project participated in the workshop organized by The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and EUHubs4Data project. The workshop was celebrated online on the 23rd of November and its main objective was to re-start conversations among the Data Platform projects by sharing their information and insights regarding their progress.

This activity was a continuation of a series of webinars that started in 2020 when the BDVe project (CSA of the BDV PPP) organised them to start gathering insights from the projects and to give the projects visibility in a wider context. As some of the projects have actively contributed to many different activities (Activity Group meetings, standard-related sessions, Data Week, etc.) during 2021, and have started becoming more mature (close to 2-year activity), it was the time to start gathering more cognizance and lessons learnt. This workshop was considered a first of a series of over a year, with the next workshop being planned for December 14th. Follow-up activities will target more specific topics of common interest in depth.

This workshop was addressed to ICT13a projects and other data platform projects (mainly verticals, e.g., DT-ICT-11 data platform projects in Energy), as well as BDVA members active in TF5, TF6, TF7 and TF10, the European Commission and representatives from other initiatives and communities interested in this topic.

The Food Safety Market was attended in this meeting. TheFSM, as a four-year project co-funded under Horizon 2020 – the EU innovation programme, highlights the importance of food safety and certification, thus focuses on creating an open and collaborative virtual environment that facilitates the exchange and connection of data between different food safety actors interested in sharing information that is critical to certification. This project will develop an industrial data platform to give a digital boost to the way food certification takes place in Europe.

From TheFSM’s side, Dimitris Fotakidis, Project Manager of TheFSM Project, was the project’s delegate and highlighted project’s insights during his speech were:

  • The overall concept of the project, its background and its main pillars;
  • The work that was done on the business scenarios and user stories;
  • The progress of the focus groups and piloting process.

More information can be found on TheFSM’s presentation attached on the SlideShare link.