Join the discussion to learn how data sharing may help get more accurate predictions that can be of value for many stakeholders in the food supply chain. This discussion aims to bring different industry & public sector representatives together, to discuss the ways in which commonly shared data pools could help boost the whole sector’s food safety preventive capabilities.

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Key take away values

  • Identifying and preventing emerging risks through data-sharing
    How food companies can benefit by having access to shared knowledge that will allow them to identify early enough emerging risks in their food supply chain
  • Building an ecosystem of shared data pools to reinforce food safety
    How Food safety authorities can benefit by working together through a data sharing network to reinforce food safety globally

This panel is part of Open Harvest 2021, dedicated to Food Safety. Check out the rest of the online sessions and subscribe

Who is it for?

It’s for Public Food Safety Authorities & Organizations, Food Safety & Quality Experts, Food Scientists, Compliance Officers and Food Policy Makers who:

  • Have the vision to support global food safety
  • Are willing to make the step towards truly integrated data-driven decisions
  • Are willing to take food safety data sharing to the next level

The panel is organized by Agroknow

Panel Speakers

  • Chris Elliott (PhD, FRSC, FRSB, MRIA, OBE)
  • Sara Mortimore (Vice President, Global Food Safety, Walmart)
  • Peter Whelan (Director of Audit and Investigations in the FSAI)
  • Helen Sisson (Technical Director at Two Sisters Food Group)
  • Giannis Stoitsis (CTO of Agroknow)